The Full Still Life - Start to Finish

In this eight week workshop, I'll take you through the construction of a still life painting of a breath-takingly beautiful subject from beginning to end:

  • Choosing and setting up the objects
  • Controlling the light and adding drama
  • Composition
  • Matching the local colours with Munsell, and..
  • using Munsell to derive light and shadow colours for each object
  • Making a careful value study (Munsell again...)
  • Colour studies of the important areas (Munsell...)
  • Painting the piece to a finish over multiple sessions

There will an emphasis on using Munsell to create natural and beautiful colour, so a Munsell book - at least the Student Munsell set or the Centore Munsell book - is strongly recommended.

The course will delivered through a mix of video and live seessions, all of which will be available to you indefinitely when the course is completed.

Critique sessions will be available (at additional cost) throughout.

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