About This Workshop

Learn to paint folds and reflective surfaces with confidence

A six week workshop with a live session each week. We'll be working on a number of subjects including cloth and metal in order to focus more fully on each of the subjects from different perspectives.

You'll also be supplied with a high resolution photo of a final, more ambitious set up for you to paint at the conclusion of the workshop so that you can put the learning into practice on a larger piece - with a bonus couple of video sessions of me working on it too.

We'll also be producing a master copy as part of the workshop, of a rather special subject including white cloth and silver by English artist William Nicholson. I'll be supplying some additional videos through the workshop showing me working through this piece in detail.

Critique sessions will be optionally available throughout the workshop at an extra charge of $50 per session, places will be limited to 10 per session.

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What are my workshops like?

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A Testimonial...

Everyone says the same thing about Paul Foxton…that he is the best teacher they’ve ever had!

And as I see it, there are three reasons why:

  • Paul is an exceptional artist. He knows how to see the subjects, how to mix and apply paint with wonderful brushwork, and how to create works of subtle beauty.
  • Unlike many artists, Paul knows how to TEACH. He demonstrates, explains and shows in detail each and every step of the process, breaking complex and difficult concepts into single and simple constructs that build and come together seamlessly. In the end, we have all been amazed at our own progress and ability to put together complex works step by step by step.
  • and absolutely everyone says this, Paul has a personality and style that makes everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and excited about his workshops. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor to take any or all of his workshops. He has made a wonderful difference in my work.

    Susan Bonnell, Seattle, WA

A Testimonial...

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